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Unique seasoned sea salts and sugars, herbal and fruit loose tea, all 100% natural and delivered in compostable packaging.
About the business:

We are a family run business, producing beautiful Seasoned Salts. Garlic Salt made from the "real Really Garlicky garlic", Parsley Salt, Steak Salt with thyme and a peppercorn selection, and Rosemary Salt with a touch of lemon verbena. All our salts are made from fresh herbs, dried together with coarse sea salt to preserve their natural taste and colour. We can grind the coarse salt down for you, if you prefer it to be finer. In addition to that, we are just coming out with selection of Herbal and Fruit Tea and also range of Flavoured Icing Sugar. You are more than welcome to take a peek in our shop...

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Current offering during coronavirus lockdown

We are up and running, taking all the precautions to meet the newest regulations. You are welcome to have a look in our shop to order. We're using Royal Mail to ship the orders, or deliver in person locally, when possible.

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