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Enabling fans & residents of Argyll to spend locally & support small businesses.

About Market Argyll

Community & collaboration are at the heart of the collective.

We believe that the majority of people would prefer to spend their pennies and pounds supporting small businesses wherever possible

An idea born out of the impacts of the Coronavirus, Market Argyll was created to support local businesses by improving their online presence and encouraging Argyll residents & fans further afield to spend locally and support small business owners and the local economy.

We want to help business owners & managers present themselves professionally online and open up the opportunity to trade beyond the immediate vicinity of their doorstep but also for larger businesses to be encouraged to sell locally.

Small businesses are the backbone and the heart of rural communities such as Argyll, yet high streets up and down the country are struggling more and more. The convenience of shopping online has meant big e-tailers have the competitive edge, often pushing the little guys out of the picture.

We believe that the majority of people would prefer to spend their pennies and pounds supporting small businesses wherever possible, and are striving to make that easier and more convenient to do so.

Market Argyll makes it easy for you to find shops, restaurants & service providers, all in one place.

Market Argyll is your virtual marketplace to find & support small businesses.

Before clicking on to an online giant, make Market Argyll your first port-of-call instead and support a small, local business whenever you can.

Imagine a bustling weekend market hosting local businesses and showcasing all that Argyll has to offer - from restaurants, bars & food producers to gift shops, galleries and local artists!

Local businesses are encouraged to set up their stalls with Market Argyll while we encourage you, the consumer, to come to market. A virtual market-place for you to search and browse via category, item and geographical area to see all that is available throughout Argyll & Bute - but on any day of the week, whenever is convenient to you!
Before clicking on to an online giant, make Market Argyll your first port-of-call instead and support a small, local business whenever you can. In doing so, you’ll not only help the owner, but also contribute to a thriving local economy - making Argyll a better place for you to live and/or visit.

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How does it work?

All in One Place

Market Argyll is a virtual marketplace to host a wide range of local businesses, charities and service providers. From retailers to restaurants, wellbeing professionals to tradesmen, food & drink producers to artists and craftsmen...consider this your one-stop-shop and first port of call for everything Argyll has to offer.

Discover New Businesses

If you live in Argyll, you likely already shop local to a certain extent, in your own town or neighbouring village. But what about a bit further afield? Market Argyll makes is simple for you to search and find what you are looking for, filtered by location, category and keywords. So that hidden gem of a business is now under your radar, and you can easily see how Coronavirus restrictions are impacting their operations, if at all.

Support Local First

This platform connects you with businesses outside your immediate vicinity, as well as those on your doorstep, so you can consider a small business before an online giant!
By supporting small, we help our local economy thrive, making it an even better place to live.

Explore What’s on Offer

Browse the blog, discover new businesses to support and subscribe to be kept in the loop with offers & events

Find What You’re Looking For

Use the search facility and filters to find small businesses, traders and producers across Argyll & Bute, based on location, category & keywords.

Search the Market

Spend & Support Local

Easily contact, book & shop via the virtual marketplace

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Help Argyll Thrive

Boost your local economy by supporting small and make Argyll an even better place to live.

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Business Owner?

Do you own or operate a business or organisation within Argyll & Bute?

Make it easy for customers to find and buy from you by adding your business to Market Argyll.

Join the movement that puts small, local businesses first & become a member today.

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Who Are We?

Market Argyll was created by two local entrepreneurs:


Originally from Oban, Oliver is an experienced Web & Graphic Designer.

He has helped numerous locally based businesses as well as larger global companies with their online presence, making an impact online by increasing their sales and ability to market themselves to a wider audience.

Although design is his main passion, when he’s not in the office, you’ll find him making the most of Argyll’s beautiful countryside, including hillwalking, cycling and photography.

Market Argyll - Kirsten Henderson

Originally from Cairnbaan, Kirsten graduated from the University of Glasgow in Business & Management and now specialises in brand strategy & business development.

With an extensive background in the hospitality & tourism industry, she is eager to elevate customer & client experiences and is passionate about supporting small businesses.

Away from her desk, she’ll likely be cooking up a storm or dining out on Argyll’s wonderful produce.

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